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Key Lime
A tender lime cake, filled with tart lime curd and topped with fluffy, lime cream cheese frosting. An unexpected graham cracker crust at the bottom will make you smile.

Lemon Razz
A sweet bite of summer! Lemony cake bursting with raspberry filling, topped with raspberry cream cheese frosting.

Triple Coconut
Our favorite! A rich, dense, coconut cake filled with sweet coconut creme, and finished off with coconut cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of toasted coconut.

The Tropics
Coconut cake bursting with passion fruit filling, and topped with banana-cream-cheese frosting and a sprinkle of coconut.

Lemon Drop
Lemon cake with lemon curd filling, topped with a choice of lemon cream cheese or lemon buttercream frostings.

Orange You Glad
Orange cake with a orange-vanilla creme filling, swirled with fluffy seven minute frosting and a glitter of orange zest.

Champagne Brunch
Traditional white cake filled with gleaming strawberry, topped off with a strawberry champagne frosting.

Mojito Magic
Classic white cake filled with rum/lime compote, topped with a swirl of lime/rum frosting. Bottoms up!

Cosmo Wannabe
Orange cake with a vodka/cranberry compote filling, piled high with fluffy, lime frosting and a sprinkling of lime zest.

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