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Cupcake Philosophy, by bling cakes

Much like us, you probably grew up with an attachment to these small, festively decorated cakes -- heavy with sticky frosting and colorful sprinkles.

Cupcakes have had a recent resurgence of popularity, and yet, somewhere along the line, they've gone astray. They got larger, they got smaller, they were topped with fondant and gum paste and other varieties of sugar, drawing our focus to how they look, instead of what's really important -- how they taste.

Here at bling cakes, we decided to bring back the flavor! Our cupcakes are traditional in size... you can eat a bling cake in one sitting and feel satisfied, without feeling guilty. Our cupcakes are teeming with flavor... we've tried our best to infuse variety and imagination into every bite -- cake, filling and frosting. (Please don't get us started on the evils of fancifully flavored frostings atop a dry, boring, vanilla cupcake.)

What you won't find at bling cakes are cupcakes that look like anything but a sweet little cake with a sweet swirl of frosting. We're concentrating our efforts on delighting your tastebuds, and we're hoping your eyes will follow suit. Old-fashioned in their appeal, sparkly as all good bling should be, and an utter delight to eat. We know you'll agree once you've tried them.

Why "bling" cakes?

Like a lot of women, we're enamoured with all things sparkly. And what could be better in a diminutive treat, than a delicious bite of bling? All of our cakes sparkle, glimmer or gleam in an edible fashion. If you want to dress up your bling cakes even more, edible diamonds and gemstones imported from France, or luminescent edible pearls can be added for a small upgrade.